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Our Commitment to the Environment
We are proud to be a part of the original “green” industry. Let us share a few of the many ways we participate in keeping the environment “green”.

A. The Use of Interlocking Paving Stones vs. Asphalt
We use interlocking stone that is manufactured from natural products such as sand, gravel and cement, as opposed to oil based asphalt, which depletes our petroleum resourses.

B. Asphalt and Concrete Re-grading
When we breakup and remove your asphalt or concrete driveway, the used product does not go to the landfill! Instead, the onsite asphalt and concrete are brought to gravel pits where it is crushed into a granular material which is then used as a base material for other projects.

C. Old Shrubs and Trees
Old shrubs and trees are brought to transfer stations and landfill sites where they are shredded and turned into a wood mulch.

D. Decks, Fences and Building Materials
When we remove your existing deck, we first determine whether we can donate the lumber to the “Habitat for Humanity Re-store”. Otherwise waste lumber goes to a recycler such as "GFL", where it is shredded and turned into wood chip mulch.

E. Old Interlock Paving Stones and Retaining Wall Products
Whenever possible, Helmutz will salvage your old landscape products and offer them for sale at a reduced price at our retail yard. Clients looking to build a project on a budget, appreciate low cost materials. We also regularly donate used landscape products to the "Habitat for Humanity Re-store".

F. Topsoil/Sod Excavated Materials
When we excavate your turf and soil for your new landscape project, we will first use any good topsoil for your new garden beds. Then the rest of the mixture of sod and topsoil goes to our “fill” pile where it decomposes for several years. We turn it and re-pile it, and process it through a “screener” to create topsoil again. We also add compost, peat moss and manure to create our very own, top quality triple-mix garden soil.

G. Fill From Excavating Your Driveway
The clean fill from excavating your driveway goes back to the gravel pits where it is used to fill the voids where the gravel and sand is mined.

H. Steel Posts and Railings
Steel posts and railings go to a steel recycler to be recycled and reused.

As you can see, nearly everything that leaves your property gets re-cycled and re-used!